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13 January 2011

O.P.I Nail Lacquer - Katy Perry Collection

I guess, without introduction, you girls out there knew about
O.P.I Nail Lacquer better than me =)
Before this, for me, $1 nail polish and $30 nail polish are the SAME.
I was wrong ! hohoho...

The more expensive your nail polish is, the less harmful it is.
The more expensive your nail polish is, the longer it will stays.
The more expensive your nail polish is, the shinier it will be.

Of course, it doesn't apply to ALL expensive nail polishes out there.

Then What's so good about OPI nail polish?
They have HUGE range of gorgeous colours !! (any colour you can dream of)
It has a very smooth texture and it's very easy to apply.
It also dries quicker than usual nail polish.
Most importantly it lasts longer and shinier than usual nail polish!

You can visit them at

Now, thanks to bf, he got ALL THESE for me. Hahaha..
I choosed the colours, he paid for it =P

Now Now Now...
Are you EXCITED?
you have to be excited !!! because...
I am going to introduce you guys a new series of colour today!

Align Center
Walaa..... Katy Perry Collections !!!
Just released this month !!
yes weeks ago !!

Special highlight of this series is the O.P.I Shatter !!!!!!!!

How cool !!!!

Now, for your viewing pleasure,
I tested out my O.P.I " Not Like The Movies"and decorated with O.P.I "Shatter"

This is how the "Not Like The Movies" colour looks like.
It's the combination of silver, green and purple.

This is how the colour looks like without flash - a bit greeny.

And this is with flash - it became purple-ish !!! =)

Now, here I am, Shatter-ing my nail ckck

Walaa....feel free to click the picture to enlarge...
ckck...can you see my nail polish cracking?
cool isn't?

Due to MASSIVE demand from my friends,
I am going to order it again....
Just in case if you're interested,
email me at

Price is $21 (retail is selling it at about $26)
Buy all 5 colours at $100
(exclude delivery fee)

Order can be sent to Singapore and Indonesia Only.

check out the colour here at

Shatter Top
Last Friday Night
Teenage Dream
That One That Got Away
Not Like The Movies

How the colour looks like through camera.

Thanks for reading !

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