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20 January 2011

O.P.I Burlesque Collection - Wear sunglass before reading this =P

Sunglasses please!


Look at my nails ! So shiny right !!

I was using the "Show it and Glow it" - O.P.I - HL B07

I was so excited and happy!!

The glitter-est and shiny-est nail polish I have ever used =P

And here I am shattering it =)

Apply one layer of your O.P.I shatter- generously if you want it to big crack.

If you want small crack, just apply one thin layer.

Email me if you want to order!

refer to the previous post? CLICK HERE

What's available?

Katy Perry Collection

K10 : Last Friday Night : a bold metallic blue shade

K09 : Not Like the Movies : an interesting silver metallic shade

K08 : The One That Got Away : an intense dark berry shade

K07: Teenage Dream : girly sparkly pink shades

E59 : Black Shatter :
a beautiful black top coat that creates texture with the help of a cracked
/leopard pattern when applied over another nail polish

O.P.I Burlesque Collection

B03 Bring On The Bling
A gold That glitters that's Dazzling Beyond

B04 Glow Up Already!
You're ready for this glittering green

B05 Extra-va-vaganza!
This orange glitter is not for the shy

B06 Simmer & Shimmer
In this glitter bit of blue

B07 Show It & Glow It!
If you've got this fuchsia glitter, flaunt it

B08 Sparkle-icious
Multi-color glitter-iciousness

B14 Tease-y Does It
In this tempting burgundy shimmer

B13 Ali's Big Break
This glowing red shimmer breaks through in style

B12 Let Me Entertain You
Multi-talented fuchsia glimmer

B11 The Show Must Go On!

With this deep pink shimmer on your nails

B10 Take the Stage
A warm orange spotlight shimmer

B09 Rising Star
Lustrous glimmering gold.

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