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24 January 2011

Love More Mask Review

*Happy MAX*
I received these masks from TheSampleStore last week.

Hohoho Gucci cute or not? =P

I received 3 boxes of masks from them!!
Now, why am I so happy?
I am SO-DAMN-HAPPY because...
The masks I received is one of the best selling mask brand in Taiwan !!
In addition, the ingredients found in the masks are all imported from
Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Swiss and Scotland !!

Besides, it's endorsed by popular Taiwan actress
Tiffany Hsu Wei Ning (Taiwan Endorser)

and... Kary Ng (HongKong Endorser)

This is one of the masks I received.

A. Diamond Super White Mask

Adorable packaging !! =)

Not only the boxes but see the packaging of the masks !!
It's an envelope-designed masks! so cute!

Diamond super white mask is a combination of small molecules of
diamond and rose tourmaline !!
let me repeat...
Girl's favorite..perfect combination isn't?

It allows the whitening ability of the mask to penetrate deeply into the skin.
It also has the ability to regenerate and removes dead skin cells.
Your skin will not only be fairer but also be tightened and moisturized !

Next is this...
B. Camellia & Tourmaline whitening mask

Similar packaging.
It's also an envelope designed mask.

What's the difference?
The ingredient inside!
It contains with the best whitening ingredients and tourmaline.

What's tourmaline?

This is it !

In addition, this is a 3D masks !
I'll explain further below. Keep reading! =)

The third box of mask is this..
C. White Crystal & Platinum Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask !

It's a 3D mask too!! What's a 3D mask?
It's the latest design of mask that fits your face and neck perfectly !

Like this !!
For the chin part, actually you need to hook it up to your ears too.
I can't hook it up ! Hahaha...
I think it is because of the design of the mask.
They want you to force your chin up..
but the problem is my face is too big.
I'll get choke if I do that.

Then what's so good about this product?
It fights again gravity !!
It can lift up the skin at your neck, mouth area, cheek and eye area.

White crystal and Platinum peptide has effective whitening effect too!

After 20mins with the mask,
it is like you just did a SPA massaging session
emerging with smaller and fairer skin !

Your skin will be fairer and smoother just like a princess !

Love more mask is originally from Taiwan !
Rest assured!

Now, How to use the mask?

How to use:
Step 1: Fit the mask onto your face
Step 2: Pull the hook at the two sides to your ear
Step 3: Pull the hook at the chin up to your ear
Step 4: You can massage your face while waiting for your mask
for 15-20 minute to maximize absorption

I've tried the masks last night. I love it !
It doesn't give me sticky feel.
However, the essence was too much !
which is a good and also a bad thing.
Good because, who will complaint if there's more essence?
Bad because, your face will gets too wet =)
Overall I give this mask a 7/10

Muahaha Gucci love to sleep on my body lol

Lastly, always remember to use mask before you sleep okay !
Chinese new year is coming!
It's the best time to show off your smooth, fair and toink" skin =)

You can redeem your FREE sample soon stay tune!

Have a nice sleep with Love More Mask!

Where to Buy Love More Masks?

•Available exclusively in Watsons
•January 15, 2011

•3D Mask 5 pcs @ $8.90
•Mask 5pcs @ $7.90

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