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21 January 2011

KFC - New !! Fortune Feast + Fortune Fish Rings + Fortune Egg Tart

Last week we ordered a fortune feast set !

It includes
8 pcs of Chicken
1 Coleslaw
2 Whipped potato
1 bottle of Pepsi

Their new product

Fortune Fish rings.
Yummy!!! I love it but as you can see from the picture..
it was too oily !! =)

and I got free 2 cushion cover !!
The colour is so matching with my sofa at home !!
Gonna use it during CNY =)

Hahaha cushion cover by KFC lol

And lastly, for dessert,
this is their new product ! Fortune egg tart !!

Basically it's an egg tart with mandarin orange slice in it.

For me it tasted just like normal egg tart.
It's just that you can taste a bit of sweetness in it.

CNY is coming !!!
Are you ready?

1 comment :

  1. Last I inquired, the Fortune Fish Rings only come in that set :( you can't buy it individually.

    Not a fan of the Fortune egg tart, the orange pieces taste like preserved orange...oranges do not go well with egg...I like the pie pastry crust, though.


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