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13 January 2011

Johnnie Walker - Limited Edition Racing USB Drive

Thanks to Johnnie Walker.

I received this love last week with a big smile on my face !! Hahaha...

How cool !!!

It's a Limited Edition USB drive and It's a Racing USB Drive and

It's by Johnnie Walker and Vodafone!!!

I have the coolest USB in the world hahaha =P

So this is how it looks like..

I told you, I have the coolest USB in the world =P

I think I'll give it to my dad..

Because it's as cool as him ckck.. =P

Remember, Never Drink and Drive.. Keep Walking.. Save the world Hahahaha...

Have a great day !!!

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1 comment :

  1. heheh i have one too. my sis gave to me.


Thanks for your lovely comment!