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26 January 2011

ION Sky -Opening 22 Jan 2011

I received an invitation from ION Orchard to their ION Sky Opening event
that was happening on 22 Jan 2011

Ion Sky is located on levels 55 and 56 and at an impressive 218 metres,
ION Sky is a must-visit destination offering an unrivalled 360-degree view
from the highest point on Orchard Road.
It houses an observatory, an event space, and the Salt grill
featuring highly acclaimed Australian chef Luke Mangan.

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This breathtaking, picture-perfect view will be a stunning backdrop
for international runway shows, exclusive product launches
as well as celebrity and themed parties.

For more info click here

- S$16 for an adult ticket
- Ticket valid as per your choice of time slot (02hours per slot)
- Inclusive of pass, mini binoculars, discount coupon and voucher
- Express lift is hidden inside the 4th floor art gallery

This is the view you'll get..

Picture source :

I wish to spend my Vday there...
Or maybe Mbs?
Huh I guess he will plan to celebrate it at home *sigh!

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  1. I was looking for a nice restaurant for vday ( this year my turn to plan....brrr...), must outdo the one he brought me to last year... muahahaha...
    Is the view and food good? Nice for a vday dinner? Thanks babe! :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!