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29 January 2011

How do I lose 5kg?

Yeah..Finally I had a proper breakfast yesterday..

Yes yesterday LOL

(My stomach is still empty now..Haha I just woke up)

Hahaha He made this breakfast..weird ! lol

I know it's unhealthy and oily but I like it =P

We always use olive oil to cook not so bad ckckck...

I didn't finish it all. I only had 2 sausages and 1 egg.

He finish the rest =)

Omg! I hope I can have this kind of breakfast often =(

This is my favorite Sunkist - Less Sugar (gold cap)

Usually, I will either skip breakfast or

I'll just go straight to school and have some snacks there..

So unhealthy ! Breakfast is VERY important man!

I mean it's my favorite meal !! Hehehe..

Because I can eat as much as I want..

It won't make me grow fatter =)

It's an important meal to start my day too!

If you often skip your breakfast, you'll become older than your actual age.

(I don't know where I heard this from, I think mummy says that)

Hahaha since then, I'll try my best to have my breakfast as often as possible.

Have you had your breakfast? =D

I am going to have mine after publish this post hehehe...

I don't want to look old =P

This is ME in the lift..Otw to school.

From now on, you'll see me in this lift very often. HAHAHA

This is what I had when I was in my school.

Just a bottled barley =)

oh ya! and 2pcs of delicious pineapple tarts from Adeline! =)

And guess what? That's it !!

I didn't have my dinner yesterday hahaha..

That's the reason why I am slimmer now..(I think)

Hehehe...For me, the easiest slimming method is to skip my dinner.

But I hate the fact that..

I can lose 1kg in 2 days. But I can gain 2kg in one day! fml =(

Anyway, I've lost about 5kg ckck..

Heaviest was 53kg and now, I am 48kg+

I hope to be 47kg on CNY =)

Anyway! If you really really needs to eat dinner,

try better option ! Yogurt? Fruit? A slice of bread? =)

This yougurt is not nice though Hahaha...

The yogurt is sandy..I don't recommend =)

I love yogurt with fruit chucks and

this yogurt is fruit flavored yogurt duh!

Some updates on my Baby Gucci..

Gucci plays to much game and now he have to wear specs.. Hahaha..

Gucci welcome the postman by barking at them =_="

Gucci is lonely! He needs girlfriend!

He is lonely oww....

Hahaha He dressed up!

CNY is coming CNY is coming...

I've bought enough dress..Yap I only buy dress this year!

Heels? I got 2 new heels..

Bag? not yet

Hair? not yet

Nail? not yet

Cckckckck...I am going to shop later =)

Have a great day yah!!

That's it =) Thank you so much for reading!

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