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11 January 2011

Heart Break

It's just me, alone, in my living room
Weather : Freezing cool
Feeling : Lonely
Brightness : 60%
Facing : The busy and noisy road (AYE)
Sitting: on the Sofa
With : No one
Experiencing: Weakness, Headache, Stomach-pain, Just not feeling well.
Thinking : About tomorrow's class, about my future, money and my blog.
Miss : Dad Mum and Sis
Wish: Someone will come and just give me a random *Hug*

It's a simple request that would never happen on time.
I always think that it's the time to make some changes of my life.
But my heart melted every time he fight back.
I guess I have to be harder on this.
My heart is breaking- I cried every time I think about the "He-don't-fuckin'-care" issue.
I have to move on. Time is running out.

I am going to call Gucci after I publish this post.
I just need a HUG T-T.

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