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22 January 2011

Hair Donut ! - Sweetheart curler

Today, I am going to share a tutorial on Donut Hair !!

What you'll need are these...
I got it from Clementi !! There're some CNY bazaar going on...
I bought those at only $5 for 2 items !! =)
A SWEETHEART curler and A rose rubber band.

Now, if you have a very long hair and
if your hair consist different layer of length,
I'll suggest you to tie it up. Secure your ponytail with a rubber band.
Otherwise, ignore this step.

Next, use the sweetheart curler ! How?
Just secure your hair in the sweet heart curler and press it
(so the sweetheart curler is tighten.)

Now, roll your ponytail UP !!
Just like the picture below..
If some hair falls out from the sweetheart curler,
just tuck it back and roll.

Next adjust to your appropriate tightness as desire and
bend both ends into a circular shape

Now, gently toggle hair downward to cover the exposed sweetheart curler =)

Nah your Hair Donut !! serve while HOT ! hahaha...

Add some accessories to it !

Hehehe this is me with my HUGE hair donut =P

Looks like stewardess or not?

or do I looks like a short and fat auntie..muahaha =P

Have a great day!

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