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04 January 2011


After from Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chix and BBQ,

we walked around orchard

and guess what? It was so silent.

I mean it doesn't seems like something is gonna happen there..

We decided to settle down and relax at Haagen-dazs - Wisma Atria Instead.

Their Christmas menu was still available..

However, I didn't order that.

This is cool Isn't?

Are you ready for the paradise?

I ordered this "Flower Blossom" Ice cream set.

It was yummy !! of course man ! =P

He create his own ice cream...

Step 1 step 2 step 3

If I am not wrong, he ordered rum and raisins, vanilla and mango.

I tried it and I love the waffle so so so so so so MUCH !!

I'll definitely order that next time.

They have some coffee drinks too.

His bro's Affogato

The espresso was very fragrance and it goes well with the ice cream =)

Rich Hot Chocolate

With chocolate syrup

Wala...Guess what? Haagen-Dazs served sushi too !!

Ice cream Sushi !! Hahaaha... So Creative!

Mango & Passion Fruit Sushi

It's macademia nut ice cream as the 'shari' (rice), mango & passion fruit ice creams the 'neta' (topping) and chocolate 'nori'.

The Strawberry Gunkan

which has Macademia Ice Cream 'shari', Strawberries 'neta' and Chocolate 'nori'.

The Mango Sorbet Sushi

that looks like tuna had Vanilla Ice cream 'shari' and Mango Sorbet 'neta'. Oh, the sorbet is sour and really perks you up!

This is the Kiwi Gunkan

Vanilla Ice Cream 'shari', Kiwi Fruit 'neta' and Chocolate 'nori'.

and last but not least
A mini scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream as the wasabeeee =D

I was so bored !

and I started doing stupid things with the chocolate syrup left haaha..

His bro did this haha..

Hello Kitty? Hahaha...

We headed down to Marina Bay Sands afterward.

The road was mad JAM !!

We spent about almost an hour in the car.

We paid "$20++" x (2 taxi=5 of us) = about $50

just for the trip from orchard to MBS

What a year! we headed down to MBS just for the firework.

Worth it? Well..It was crowded..

But not that extreme-crowded.

I mean you still have a place to stand and move.

No need to squeeze. So it's okay!

The view was great.

Ups..I didn't mean to capture this. so sorry couple lol !

We waited for about 30mins.

and finally some lights shine from somewhere and...

Here's the firework !!

Nice? well... 60/100 Hahaha because as you can see...
So boring...! no songs nothing...
We didn't even count down LOL whatever!
I still prefer HongKong - Disney land's firework ! =)

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope to be a better person in 2011
A better daughter that can makes them proud
A better mother for Gucci
A better blogger just for you, my readers =)

I wish my family, my friends and everyone to be
healthier, happier, wealthier and awesome-er in 2011

Have a GREAT 2011 =)


  1. aw..The Haagen Dazs in the US aren't creative at all:) I want to try some ice cream sushi:)


Thanks for your lovely comment!