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09 January 2011

Flames Mongolian Fresh Grill and Bar - Review

Thanks to Tip-It! for choosing me as their ambassador.

I was invited for a meal for 2 !! However, I bought additional coupons from them.

As I want my bro and his bros to try it too. My bro didn't join us at the end.

He wanted to focus on study - he said ! (excuse!) Hehe..

The restaurant was located at Boat Quay.

In front of the parliament house - facing the river.

How cool was it ! I love to dine at the riverside !

(beside of fresh clean water of course!) haha..

I am going to review the food from FLAMES restaurant today!

Mongolian BBQ and Grill themed restaurant.

I was there at 6 pm and we were the first guest.

We were given a number each.

The grill open at 6pm for dinner.

What's included?

Choose your Rice/Noodle

Choose your veggie

Choose the meat.

Hm..the meat were quite disappointing as it wasn't fresh ='(

After that, leave the rest to the staff.

They will choose the herbs and..

also which ever sauce for your

(there are different cooking recipe to choose from)

These were what I picked up and..

I choosed Flames Special Recipe!

(There were teriyaki, black pepper and etc)

And tada !! I love my bowl and I love the recipe!!

I tasted mild-spicy and yummy!!

However, bf and his bros find it not-so-good.

Reason and Tips for you:

Don't get too many rice/noodle (remember it's a buffet?)

You can come and get it again later..

A bit of everything is good enough.

If it's too much, it will taste bland.

This was my salad (it's unlimited serving too!)

It also includes free flow of soup of the day.

A drink and A scoop of ice cream =)

Apart from all of above, they have ala carte menu too !!

You can add $5 for unlimited pastry.

I was so tempted to try their brownies so I ordered one.

It costs me $8's a bit pricey for this size of brownie BUT it was good!

I hope the portion was bigger.

And as well as a Flames Special cocktail at $5.

It was good. I guess it was lemonade and soda kind of stuff.
I love the drink. It was served with fresh mint leave too.

Overall the dining experience was fun.

I enjoyed the food, the service, the ambiance and everything.

I'll give Flames a 7/10

However, they rate it 5/10 =)

Now, you may want to try it and let me know!

Tip it! will be offering this flames deal soon ! Do subscribe to them !!

They offer deals daily !! and it's up to 90% disc.

Visit them today!

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