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05 January 2011

First Class in 2011 =D Let me know if you're a student from SIM-RMIT-Marketing (Class B) !! Because, I want to be your friend =)

Have been visiting Daiso Recently...
Check out this Daiso outlet at ION orchard..
So atas ! Hohoho..I was so happy..
Shopping for cheap stuff at an expensive place ckck..

CNY is ahead ! I love end and early of the year !

Oct. My bday
Nov. His bday
Dec. Christmas and our Anniversary!
Jan. New Year
Feb. Chinese New Year
and of course Ladies favorite occasion- Valentine!

5 months in a row!

Then...continue with...
Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep <<== Boring months! OMG! I don't want to be friend with all of you please go away. Hahaha...

First day of school in 2011..
A Hello Kitty NoteBook from Daiso
An Organizer from Daiso as well (I LOVE IT)
and a matching pink checker pencil
from a random shop near to farrer park mrt
($4.90 for a pack of 6 !!!)

So sad...

I have so many classmates and I don't know all of them.

School wasn't as fun as I was back in Polytechnic. =(

I want culinary class, I want customer service class,

I want professional make up and hair bun tutorial !!

I want all my funny friends and lectures back !!! =(

I miss TAS. =(

Anyway, not that bad actually, at least I have them now.

They are fun, they are cool!

It's just me, I felt not connected when I am with them.

Hahaha..In fact, I am quite a talkative person.

I'll share anything I gone through,anything I bought,

any promotion that I knew, make up etc.

It's just that I feel weird if I share all these with them.

Or maybe I afraid they will think that I am weird Hahaha..

Have a great day! I am heading to somewhere now =D

Btw, I am not pregnant even though I looks like one HAHAHAHA..

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