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18 January 2011

Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts - Alice in Wonder Land

Aha! I am going to blog about FOOD today!
If your stomach is still empty, come and read this tomorrow.
I don't want to spoil your diet plan Hahaha...

So we went to have our lunch at this well-known buffet restaurant in Singapore!
After hearing about all the recommendations and comments.
I couldn't take it anymore !
So I dragged bf and his bros Here !

Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts =)
(Located-in front of Far-East-Plaza)

So Alice in Wonderland!

Btw, as usual, we just CAN'T be there early.
Muahaha Lunch period was 12pm-2pm.
We arrived at 1.15pm Muahaha...
I hate the fact that we need to rush for buffet! *rugi

This is the interior.
Simple and boring =P


My appetizer !
Shrimp salad, Smoked duck salad, Chicken salad, Mozzarella salad

Uwala I was looking forward for the sushi...

And it disappoints me =(

The seaweed wasn't fresh. It tasted like rubber.

Let's go to the Main!

My rice and misc.
They love the rice. But I hate it.
It tasted like cockroach rice to me *wuek.
The rest were fine.

Indian Cuisine

Meat station.
Luckily it taste great =)
Bf had a lot of this muahaha...

The meat was good.

Kebab anyone?

My bolognese pasta ! It was too sour.
They agreed on this lol

Now seafood seafood !! Hahaha I didn't eat in order =P

I love prawn. Unfortunately it wasn't fresh as well.
I don't know why but everything seems not fresh to me =(

They have chicken rice too !!

They also have dim sum and wonton noodle.

I love the theme.

No comment

Last but not least the dessert !!
There were many choices.

Overall, it was nice!
I was looking for chocolate mousse =(
But too bad they don't serve that.

Fondue !!

Items that you can choose from!!
Some fruits, marshmallow, cone, etc

My creations!

Walaa...I want more pleasee...hohoho...

We left at about 2.30pm
Those left-over food, they put it all together and arrange it nicely.
Muahaha...which means, high-tea = eat lunch left over LOL
Lunch means = breakfast left over foods. OMG! Haha..

The bills took forever to come Haha...
See !! I even have the time to do this while waiting..
so you can imagine how long it was =)

Overall, I'll give it 6.5/10 not as good as I heard and expected =)

Priority Queue yay!

Price was $46 + taxes+ srv charge = $50++
We paid by UOB credit card got 10% ! so total was less than $200 =)

See you tomorrow!
It's the time to work on project duh!
I hate school =(

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