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12 January 2011

Bio-essence Superstar Blogger Party!

Hi girls and guys, I have a good news here..

Remember the

Bio Essence Multi Effect BB cream and

Bio Essence Bio Platinum entries that I did?

I have passed the first round of the challenge

and now, I've reached the second stage!

Bio-essence Superstar Blogger Contest!!!

Last week, I was invited to this SuperStar Blogger Party

which was held at Bounce, Iluma.

Thanks to Bio-essence,

I got to know some blogger from the event and I had fun!

So the event was started with a short presentation on their products

and also about the contest.

Can you spot my miss orange on the screen? =)

We were served with a full spread of buffet.

I didn't eat much though.

And of course DESSERTS !!!

It was yummy! I hope I can da-bao those desserts home.


Meanwhile, we got a blogger in the house who volunteer

for the skin care demonstration.

Do you know what that is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)?

ATP provides a source of energy to skin cells required for healthy skin.

I'll explain more about this on the other post (stay tune!)

We also learned about how to use BB cream correctly.

Btw, do you know that...

Bio-essence is the No.1 Facial Care Brand in Singapore?

In addition,

Bio-essence won the title of Best Asian Brand

for two consecutive years 2009 and 2010 !!

How cool!

Next, this was one of the highlights from the event !!

We get to decorate our favorite BB cream !!

Some samples made by Bio Essence Team.

Hawaiian. Flora. Mr Cool

These were the materials given !

These were the items I got.

Time to do something creative!

Tada !! Hahaha...what do you think?

This is my Miss Rocker in Purple LoL

I made that rose on its head myself!! and

I love the idea of having those pearl stars on the back =P

We were only given a very short time for this. Thus, I had to rush!! lol

My hands were full of glue at that time.

These were the creation of other blogger - YiRong and LadyBird.

So pretty right? =)

All BB creams decorated by blogger took a glam photo shoot lol spot mine?

Now, a very good news to all of you girls out there!

You can decorate your bb cream and win prizes too !!!

In addition,

Bio-essence will be having a "Chinese New Year in-store roadshow"

Location : BHG Bugis

Date: 14-21 January 2011.

Attractive promotions and discounts are given during this period.

On 15 January 2011 (Saturday),

God of Fortune will be making a special appearance between 4-7pm

to distribute lucky ang pows.

A host will also be present during that time to conduct games

where Bio-essence products can be won.


This is the goodies bag I got from the event.

Stay tune!

I'll blog about how to make face slimmer in my next post haha.. =P


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