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01 December 2010

Yves Saint Laurent

I did mentioned about this magazine before.
I was hesitating about to buy it or not?
And so, I asked him about his opinion on this bag.
His opinion was "Don't buy. The quality is bad!"
And so, I was convinced "Hm..maybe he's right"
And I decided to give it a miss.
To me, it was pricey too.

Then last week,
he came back home carrying a big plastic bag with THIS inside..
Me : I thought you said it was ugly?
Him : Just buy for fun.

Me : ....

And so! As a blogger, of course,
I excitedly took out my phone camera and
opened it slowly...and...

I love the bag !!!! I was expecting that the quality will be VERY bad.
When I heard TOTE bag,
I will think of those bag made with thin cotton cloth

that can't even stand!

In fact, I was surprise that the material of this bag is quite thick!
And I love the pink interior so muchhhhhh !!
Haha don't you think it'll work as a lamp inside my bag *so bright right?*
Haha Now,I can easily find my things inside =P

These are some contents inside the magazine... I was thinking about trying their make up range. Should I? I love roses dress ! This will be how it looks like when I carry it. Thanks baby!

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  1. wonder izit for sales in malaysia?? it looks so pretty!


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