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08 December 2010


Palty New Hair Colour !

Tangs Monthly Newsletter !

OMG Liese cute size Juicy Shower Spray!

Hello Kitty Mop Slipper only $3.90 !

Grape candy yummy!

Lip Mask from Gmarket !

My max-bling melody hair clip ! $20 for a clip..kill me!

Bling up my house and condo card =)

Sparkling water

TheSampleStore Xmas Mystery Package
$25 for all worth it?

Always order Sjora for my Yoshinoya!

Sleeping with Gucci

YAY! My BB cream samples =))

Home made Ice Milo with mad-whipped cream on top hehe

Plaza Singapura Xmas Decoration so BLINK !!

Green Dress from Forever 21 !

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