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21 December 2010

Morning !!

Time is 10.38 am now.
And surprisingly I am awake! (usually 2pm)


what's good is, I am still on HOLIDAY! (yes it has been 3 month)
Yes! waste of time! lol 3 months course 3 months holiday.
good deal huh? living in Singapore is not cheap.
Yet I have a long holiday to waste.
I love it though. But my parent surely hate it!
Paying me to be here for holiday! Hahaha...

WAIT! I am Irene!
How can I just waste my time like this?
Hahaha..I don't want to loss anything!

I have been earning money!! =P
I have been working for roadshow.
From that, I earned about $1300.

I have been blogging actively Haha I know!
I have been posting about 3 blogs/day (I want to clear my post)

What I've I earned from blogging?
1. I just cashed out nuffnang earning $105.5 (New!)
2. I gets to review product from TheSampleStore
a. Ginvera's marvel gel and jade roll worth about $35
b. 3 Bio Essence BB cream worth about $90 !
c. Eucerin Dermopurifyer worth about $50
d. Dress me masks worth about $10
3. sponsored me 2 tubs of gelato worth about $ 20
4. Reebonz sponsored me an advent calendar _ 24 chocolate truffles worth $80
5. Love coach sponsored me a kate spade bag worth $295 (New!)
6. Geo-Lens-Online sponsored me 4 lens worth $120
7. Confirm trading sponsored me a Dr.Jart whitening cream worth $59
8. sponsored me 2 preview tickets to the movie skyline worth $20
9. sponsored me an event to Urban Icon Challenge ticket worth $12
10. I won 6 sets of salonpas from nuffang it worth at least $20
11. I won $80 cash from world's coolest intern post from nuffnang
12. I won a Biore hamper from Cleo. It worth about $100
14. I won Liese hamper from LieseSG worth about $150 (New!)
15. I won a bath set from Orchard Central worth $120
16. I won a Hello Kitty Luggage tag from Monoyono. It worth about $10 (New!)
17. I won the Rapunzel movie premium worth about $80 (New!)

So which mean, I earned total of S$ 2756.5 during holiday!
That's half of my school fee. not bad!
Muahaha =)

Yes, I won so much things!
call me *Lucky Irene* as always =P

Ehya! Have I mentioned that I've passed all my exam *Happy*
I got 2 Distinction and 2 Pass !
Hahha very extreme right? huh!
I thought I'll fail that two subjects!

It wasn't me that's lucky. God helped me! =)

Schools gonna starts on 5th of Jan 2011 which mean,
I have 2 weeks lefts to enjoy my holiday!
I am SO LOOKING FORWARD for that day! hahaha...

Meanwhile, today, I am going to introduce you this!
Dentiste night time tooth paste!

I tried that sample size from TheSampleStore!
Redeem yours! It's under sample+ free delivery =)

I think it works on me!
So maybe you want to buy too!
It's a bit expensive though..
out $10 per tube. =)

Ok I can't talk much now..
Gonna take bath and pick mummy up from Harbour front!
We'll have a mum-daughter shopping trip today!

stay tune! gonna blog again tonight =)

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