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23 December 2010


Hey for those who lived in Singapore or Indonesia
you should subscribe to !!!
They always offer SUPER-GOOD-DEAL daily!!
Not only good deal in Singapore but also good deal in Indonesia
E.g: Bintan deal or Harris resort deal, etc.

I looks super auntie here.
But I like it =P

So, I saw this deal selling on their website last month.
Without hesitating. I bought 4 deals from them!
$35 set meal selling at $13.90 tell me. WHY NOT?

Supporting reason:
There's a shuttle bus from my house to west coast plaza! So why not?
West Coast Plaza is my new hang-out place =P So here we are at the Live@Teppan Are you ready? I bought 4 deal for myself, him, his bro an my bro.
Unfortunately, my bro went overseas.
So it was only three of us.

We thought that the portion would not be big
as we were paying promotion price.

We're WRONG..!
keep on reading to find out why.
After settle down, the waiter served me this 3 thingy.
As I am from kampong, I asked "what is this?"

It's expandable tissue. Omg! magic !
Hahaha pardon me for being so "sua gu" lol The set meal include pickles Miso soup Salmon ! This is highly recommended by Rene.
Who's rene? lol
Basic Taoge ! and prawn and sotong ! I am not done yet.
Those I mentioned above are only side dish.

Are you ready for the main?
warming up the pan, taking out the fresh meat. the sauce Tadaaaa !! We ordered
Sliced pork
Sliced chicken
Sliced beef
Beef hamburg !! *recommended*

I love their beef hamburg ! TOO MUCH !!!
can you imagine
4 portion of rice
4 pickles

4 soups
4 beansprout
4 prawn

4 squid
4 set of salmon

4 types of meat

for 3 people LoL

Luckily that was our 1st meal of the day we had it at 7pm !


I will definitely visit Live@Teppan again.
Lastly, don't forget to subscribe to BIGDEAL.SG

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