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20 December 2010

La Costa - Batam, Indonesia

Aha! when I am back in Indonesia - Batam,
I will definitely patronize La costa (or La cruise) for at least once.
(la costa's visit)

Aside from their well-known ikan bakar (grilled fish),
they also offer Western food, Seafood, Chinese food and a lot more!
That's the reason why I always visit them when I am back.
Simply because, their offer a lot of variety of cuisines!

If you'd want to count.
SGD 1 is about Rp 6.840 (as per today)

Salad at reasonable price.

Various type of burger

Pasta! dad love their bolognese

And of course their well-know steak made from fresh meat.

Don't forget to order their yummy dessert!

Ice cream !

They offered cocktail & mocktail too !

Attention !!
Use your Bukopin Bank credit/debit card and enjoy 50% off !!
Hurry up! visit La costa before the promotion end.
Terms and conditions apply.

Dad's pasta!

It was called the "Shishamo fish"
They grilled it with awesomely-irresistible home made chilli !!
yap very Indonesia-nized.
Usually it will only be grilled without sauce in Casual Japanese Restaurant.
Which mean, you only get to eat this in La Costa! =)
I personally love this dish so so so SO much!

You will actually gets to eat its egg instead of their meat.

Shishamo is originated from Japan !
Full of eggs (ko-mochi-shishamo) !! omg!

Next favorite dish!
I used to order their cordon bleu steak
(click here if you want to see the picture cordon bleu)
but this time round, I'd like to try something different.
So I ordered this.
"Chicken Piccata"

Aside from traditional seasoning to this dish
(Lemon juice or white wine)
they actually used cheese!

OMG! heavenly-cheesed!
It was actually mushroom cheezy sauce inside!
I've changed my mind.
Instead of cordon bleu steak, this is my favorite dish now!

Their all-time-favorite dessert.
Pisang Goreng Keju!
(Fried banana fritters with Cheese!)

Mum love it very much !

In addition, recently, they introduced this La Costa guest house,
located conveniently just above their restaurant!

Spacious and homey room =)

fully furnished rooms, strategic location, security,
car park, direct access to LA COSTA RESTAURANT,
great room service with affordable rate, Air Cond,
TV Cable, Hot Shower, Free Hot Spot.

Add La C0sta Facebook here
Add La Costa Guest House Facebook here

LA COSTA Seafood & Steakhouse
Address :Komplek Srijaya Abadi Blok I No. 11-14 Batam island Indonesia
Telphone : 0778-421996

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! Just love food blogs, lol! That’s one of the good Batam hotels, I guess! Looks very nice and cozy just like mine!


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