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28 December 2010

I miss Mr Gucci !

Basically I don't know what's the name of the masks.
Muahaha..Can someone help me to translate?
Anyway! I have not try the masks lol
I was just attracted by their packaging and price =P

It was $10 or below $15 / piece (I can't really remember)
the more expensive it is the better it is..

Yes! you can slap me now... =P
Actually, I heard and read about the review of it somewhere..
so I decided to risk it!

Will let you know after I've used it.
Not so soon though... =P

We've done with Christmas eve 2010 !
and now, 3 more days to 2011 !!!
Are you excited?
My dream is ahead ! A promise is ahead !
I don't think it's going to come true though *sad*
I'd just take it as a joke. =(

In fact, I don't feel like to blog today.
But I can't. I've promised myself to blog for least once a day.
In addition, there are some advertorials deadline to meet.
So stay tune!
I am going to show you guys my new bag very soon =)

Ehya, I am going back to Singapore today.
I miss my Mr Gucci =)

"Mummy is coming back today sayang..
Gucci ada bandel ga? Kangen mami ga?
Mau snack? Nanti mami bawa cici pgi jalan2 ya.." =P

It's okay. You are normal. I am weird Hahaha..


  1. Kiss Me Heroine Mask? The brand's name is Kiss Me Heroine :P

  2. The masks have cute packagings!! :D

  3. Hi Irene,

    Chance upon ur blog. I'm from Eternity Inter-Trade Singapore. The Brand name for the mask is actually Bihada.

    Eternity inter-trade is the supplier for this brand. I do hope you love it after using.

    Happy Holidays.

  4. Hi thanks for the answers yencheng and eternity =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!