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20 December 2010

From now on,
I'll be posting up different kind of masks I got, everyday! =)

Attention Girls and Guys! Yes Guy need masks too!
Christmas is getting nearer and nearer!
You don't want to have a bad-skin-day on Christmas right?
so come on ! pamper your skin and
get ready for Christmas Party!

These are another brand of masks I got from Sasa.
I can't remember the price.
What I can say is, it's definitely affordable.
The texture was a bit sticky at first.
But after a while, it actually well-absorbed by my skin.
Out of three masks above, I'll recommend - Lavender.
Maybe it's just me,
I love calming and cooling masks =)

stay tune
I'll be reviewing another brand of mask tomorrow's night =)
hint : The masks are very popular in the Internet recently.
you don't wanna miss it!


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