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05 December 2010

Free Gift

I love free gift and I think I have free gift luck...
Or maybe Singapore is a "Free Gift City...?"
Wherever I go, I always luckily gets Free Gift !!
Hahaha....Who don't love free gift..
Ok maybe I should just say Gift instead?
because Gift is naturally Free.
Hahaha but I think I'll keep calling it FREE Gift. I've used to it lol.

Remember the Hello Kitty Tongue tattoo I got?
I bought it from 7-11
If I am not wrong, it costs less than $3 !!
And guess what? I was given these for free!

Mr Men Little Miss Key chain !!!!

Not only one but FIVE !!!

Hahaha I love good deal...
$3 for HK tongue tattoo and 5 key chain..!!!
I love this feeling..OMG!
Pay less and Get more ! *Happy wink!*

I've been working for roadshow!
Xmas is coming...
I want to buy gifts for everyone I love.
And I definitely love my company! Hahaha..!
Good Pay, Good Work + Lunch and Dinner Allowance =)
*Again, Happy wink!*

Okay, time to take a bath, have some breakfast
(thx for the mcd breakfast baby!)
I'll put more make up more today!
because today is my last day for the roadshow!
Hahaha I want to end my roadshow beautifully.
Ehya btw, I got to know some new part timer.
hahaha at least they made the job less boring when there's no customer!

How's your weekend everyone?
share share... =)

**I'll be reviewing my Geo Lens Tomorrow**

Stay tune! and visit GEO-LENS-ONLINE
They are having a spree now.
It'll end in 10 more days ! =)
quickly order yours now.
If you need help, let me know..
I know the seller very well =)


  1. cute key chain you have...

  2. Chuckie Cotton08 December, 2010

    Hello Kitty tongue tattoo? U mean temporary right? how long can it last? I wanna get one too, looks cool..hehe

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  3. hehe can find it in 7-11 =)

  4. hehe can find it in 7-11 =)


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