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24 December 2010

December Baby - Ina Natalia Tan

It was my younger sis birthday!
The actual birthday date was 15 December 2010.
We celebrated it earlier than the date.

Dad was sitting in front. Bro was driving =)
Her humongous Bday cake

She was born in December
That's why her name is Ina Natalia.
Natal in Bahasa means Christmas!

Yeap, all of our names are month-related.
How creative our dad is!

So, do we look alike?
She's taller, slimmer, fairer, prettier than me.
While my eyes are bigger, cuter, smarter and luckier than her.
No one is perfect lol

We went to Batu Besar (Huge stone) Seafood restaurant
to celebrate her birthday!

Another thing that I love about Indonesia...
For this full spread of luxurious meal
(got crab, fish, prawn, etc etc)
Total pax was about 20+
We spent less than Rp.2.000.000
About S$300 only lol

I bet you can never find that price in Singapore.

Anyway! HAPPY expired BDAY MEIMEI *muach*


  1. You and your mei mei look like twins! hahaa Merry Christmas! =D

  2. Hi Hp, REALLY? in fact, muahaha we look quite different in real hehe =P


Thanks for your lovely comment!