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25 December 2010

Coffee Club - Christmas dessert

Usually, I'll have my meals alone during work.
I enjoyed it! Muahaha..
If I am given 1 hour for lunch,
I'll use 15 mins for eating and 45 mins for shopping
HAHAHA (that's the reason why I prefer to be alone) =P
I was attracted by the desserts offered by the coffee club.
So, I decided to have my lunch there.

For 15mins lunch,
I will usually order not-so-big main course or
sometimes just appetizer/side dishes.

I tried their mushroom soup and it was yummy!
(I mean you can really taste and bite
on those small chunks of mushroom!)

Now, this is actually my dinner. Hahaha..
Had mushroom soup for lunch and dessert for dinner =P

They offered Christmas theme dessert too!

Jingle Berry $8.90+ tax+ service charge = $10.50
which mean it's about Rp 70.000 !!
Mad ! I can get a full-size cake in Indonesia muahaha..

But honestly and seriously

The chocolate was awesomely GOOD
and there's a raspberry filling inside,
eat it with vanilla ice cream
OMG *snowing!*

Merry Christmas My Friends and Readers =D

Regards from Merzy too =P

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