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26 December 2010

Christmas with Family 2010

Mum came to Singapore and stayed with me for 4 days.
We had fun! We spent a lot! and now, we're broke.

Yesterday, I came back to Indonesia with mummy.
Reason : I want to celebrate Christmas with family.
I don't want to disappoint them and Jesus =)

Bro was driving..
Lil Merzy followed.

Naughty Merz!

We spent our Christmas earlier.

24th December 2010

Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

So the ceremony begin.

Our pastor and translator of the day.
Our church service is conducted in 2 languages.
Mainly Mandarin and English.

As usual, it starts from some warm-up songs.
Followed by sharing session.
Then light-up session.

This is my candle

Light up session


Holy night =)


Merry Christmas!

Wait ! It wasn't the end yet.
There's a lucky draw session!
A number is written on the back of our candle's holder.
Guess what was my number?
33 !!

Coincidentally my favorite number!

Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky that day. Hahaha..
That was dad,
distributing the gifts to the lucky winner.

Lastly, sumptuous Christmas dinner provided by everyone.

Full spread of buffet.
Mum contributed the otah" =)

How did you spent your Christmas? =)

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