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19 December 2010

Christmas Pineapple Roll by BS !

While typing this,
I am chatting with my mum.
Hahaha because, I forgot all the ingredients and steps she taught me.

So, when I was back in Indonesia, a week ago,
mum taught me to make this very-easy pineapple roll.

You'll need:
6 eggs (separate egg white and egg yolk)
200g sugar
250g butter
150g flour
1/2 spoon of baking powder
5 spoon of sweetened milk
Pineapple filling

Let's do it!

1. Separate egg white and egg yolk

2. Stand by your mixer (with egg white inside)
add sugar and baking soda
then mix it with mixer.

3. While waiting for it to mix, take out the butter
(mum can't find the usual brand she used, golden churn).
So she used this orchid butter instead.

4. Mix the egg yolk and butter.

5. Add in sweetened milk

6. Slowly add in flour and mix well.

Go back to egg white mix

How to know if it's done? try to turn it upside down.

It the foam falls mean fail ! you'll need to do it again haha..
If not, proceed to the next step lol

7. Add egg yolk mixture together with egg white mixture..

9. Stir them till they're together in ONE and get married.
Muauahaha...spread the joy in the pan...
Don't forget to use those non-stick paper as its base.

10. Ready to (khai fang) LOL
hahaha forget what it means, just put your mixture in the oven lol

175 degree for about 10-15mins

tadaaa....!! I swear it smells great !!

The thickness of the cake

nicer side-upside down...
because it'd be the outer roll..

peel off = ugly side for the filling

In this case, mum used her home-made pineapple filling.
You can use anything you want though.
Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Anything!
If you're lazy, you can just buy those bread spread from the supermarket =)

11. Spread the filling evenly

12. Roll it slowly

Tada !! we She made a total of 5 rolls

I did tried to make a Christmas tree with the dough.
Mum said "It's no gonna happen"

And she's right !

And so, I used the roll and made this !!

Christmas is nearer ! =)

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