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22 December 2010

Christmas Glitter Make up

After from my shower,
the 1st thing I'd do is to use toner
(VitE By TheBodyShop) to clean my face.

Then, before make up, I'll spray face mist
(VitE By TheBodyShop) on my face.

And today, I've something new to share!
I received this Skin79 rose mist from TheSampleStore!
and I really love its fragrance !
It only costs $15 !! quickly grab yours now =)

After spraying the mist, do not forget to tap it gently
with your hand to make it absorbed.

Yes, I know. Halloween has ended!
I've done with my make up base! and here I am,
showing you my highlighter!
Again, It's by skin79 - Luminous Pearl Beblesh balm
Price : below $35

And fyi, I put too much!
It was extremely-glittery.
Lesson of the day, don't be greedy!

First three finger from left - With the cream
Last finger - Without the cream
Can you see the difference?

Now, cover your dark eye circles.
In this case, I used concealer by TheBodyShop!
Price : about $29.90

*Excited* My new blusher from TheBodyShop!!
So cute! it costs $24.90

Blush 01

Again, it fits the theme for today's topic, glitter!

Next! Define & Sparkle eye liner and mascara !
This is actually last year edition =)
price : $32.90

This is how the glitter eye liner looks on my eye.

Now, apply your eye shadow!
I used Anna Sui Liquid Eye colour no.900 (light green)

I am not an eye shadow person Hahaha..
I don't own many eye shadows.
So instead of using an eye shadow,
I used my blusher to create colour!

And then, wala! this is my glitter mascara =)

This is my Glitter Christmas Theme- Eye make up!
Stunning right? Haha !
It actually looks natural in real life
(pic below is w/ camera flash)
Fyi, I am also not a lipstick person!
I was sponsored this MAC lip liner pencil =)
So, let's try!

Muahaha my first encounter with lip liner.
I know I looks like a clown FML ckck..

In fact, I don't like to apply things on my lip
(lip gloss, lip balm, lip stick, etc)

Sometimes, I just bought it for fun! Just in case I need it.
Haha girls love to shop for "Just in case" thingy! =P
I'd apply lip gloss only
when I am going to a party that does not serve any food!

I hate eating lip gloss lah! tasted so gross!
I want to enjoy my food =)

this is my lovely-orangee-gold-rose colour lip gloss

by Christian Dior!
I bought one for mum too =)

Price : S$45

Here's my lips after applying the lip gloss!
Yes I know, I have upper lip hair, sexy right? LOL


Have a Merry Merry Christmas this year!

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