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10 December 2010

Bio Essence Multi Effect BB Cream

One of the things that I love about being a blogger is..
I get to try up and review various of beauty products!
And of course, I have to thank TheSampleStore for the opportunities
as well as respective brands that sponsored the products!

I was mad happy when I received these BB cream.
I shared it with my mum and sis too.
We discussed about the product and I am here to blog it out.
Reason: So you girls can get more accurate information =)
not MY opinion but OUR opinion =)

The products I received were;

Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream => for whitening
Bio-Essence Aqua BB cream => for moisture
Bio-Essence Multi effect BB cream => for coverage

I need your support !
In order to fly to Korea! hehehe...

So the story is about these miss oranges !
They were worrying about their prom night party on the christmas day,
that's happening soon !
(click the pictures to get better image)

And here it comes!
Their SAVIOR !

Bio Essence
Bio Multi Effect BB cream

This BB Cream has 8 in 1 effects with SPF 25 coverage

Attention! If you are looking for BB cream with strong coverage,

This is the one !

Bio Essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream has the strongest coverage

out of the 3 bb creams

Usage tips: for the best and most even application results, pat the BB Cream gently on the face instead of spreading

Personally, I love this product!
Because, the texture is not sticky.
It absorb fast and create long lasting coverage on my face.
I looks like having nude natural make up with it.
*I have not clean my make up while typing this*
And my make up still looks fabulous !

Nice product must SHARE !
and here I am testing it on Miss orange...

One week later...

See? Miss Orange can have flawless skin too !!!
Everyone was amusing her !

She even appeared on the magazine !

In a survey done by HK Fashion and Beauty Magazine among 6 other competitive BB Creams, the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream came up tops in terms of being the BB Cream that adheres most closely to the skin for flawless coverage.

When applied on an orange, the concealing power of the BB Cream is so strong that it covers even the pockmarks found on the orange peel

And this is me with the BB cream
Flawless =)

These BB cream came at the right time!
my BB cream is finishing and a lot of party is going to happen soon!

I hope you girls enjoy my review.
Stay tune..I have a lot more to share =)



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