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16 December 2010

Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream

Remember my review on Bio Essence Multi Effect BB Cream?
Click here

The products I received from thesamplestore were;

Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream => for whitening
Bio-Essence Aqua BB cream => for moisture
Bio-Essence Multi effect BB cream => for coverage

I am going to review Bio Platinum BB cream.
Other than glossy and shiny packaging,
the BB cream gives me natural flawless skin.
With 10 effect in one product,
the Bio Platinum BB cream reawakens beautiful skin,
creating flawless make up and youthful skin.
It's even better than Bio Multi Effect BB cream as it has 10 effect to it.

The coverage was good, it makes my skin tone whiter too.
It has tanaka extract to facilitate whitening of the skin.
However, in my opinion, texture was a bit thick.
Hm..pros and cons to this issue.
It actually stays longer than other BB cream I used.
Besides, it also contain ingredients that can give your skin younger look.
It can lighten fine lines as well as wrinkles.

This is me BEFORE using the BB cream.
As you can see, my dark eye circles were very obvious !
uneven skin tone and I looks god-damn-pale !

After usage, my dark eye circles improved.
my skin looks whiter and it covered all my scars.
I have to admit this. The coverage was really good!

Why Bio Multi Effect BB cream is better than Traditional Base Makeup?
Traditional base makeup requires the user to wear different layers of makeup (sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, loose powder etc),
so the coverage appears less natural and cakey compared to the BB Cream.
only need 1 product to conceal, whiten, sunscreen and base makeup !
The products can be found in Watson !!

The price of the BB creams as per Today 15 Dec 2010
Free Soluble Olive cleansing oil with purchase of any BB cream!!
*while stocks last*

Their TVC

Lastly, good news for you all !

You can REDEEM FREE Bio BB cream samples too !!
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While stock last.
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Thanks for reading!

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  1. wow. the bb cream really gives a good coverage. hm have u been using other bb creams?


Thanks for your lovely comment!