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13 December 2010

12 Days to Christmas !! *

So he ordered a purple Tod's shoes for me last month.
Hahaha because he has a purple Tod's shoes already
and he thought maybe we can have a couple shoes!
(He's so sweet right? Rare!) =P
But before they send it to us, they told us that the shoes was defected.
So that they gave us a full refund+ some credits =P

And so, I decided to use the credits and buy chocolates!
Hahaha always so lucky =P

I went down to collect my chocolates with bro.
It was located below Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Mandarin Gallery, Orchard.

That was for the 1st time I bought collected mad-expensive chocolate haha!

Beschle chocolate !

I love their chandelier

awwwwww.....chocolate paradise !

Beschle’s Lady Advent Calendar with 24 classic chocolates and truffles
to indulge oneself with a different chocolate every day in the pre Christmas season:
Truffe au Lait,
Truffe Vanille,
Truffe Ivoire,
Café au Lait,
Grand Cru Trinitario Madagascar,
Grand Cru Criollo Maracaibo,
Grand Cru Santo Domingo,
Truffe à la Fève de Tonka,
Truffe au Miel,
Truffe à la Figue.
source :

Tadaaa !! My advent calendar with 24 swiss truffles
Hahaha by now, I should have eaten 12/13 chocolates.
BUT !! mum took those chocolates away from me! hahaha!
She wants me to slim down lol

The number were arranged randomly.

These chocolate worth about $80 mad right?

With lil me-me =P

And I just can have ONE.
Thanks mum! I am now slimmer =p

Xmas is coming Xmas is coming !!
I played xmas song for you...
can you feel that xmas is coming? =P

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