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13 November 2010

Tony Moly

Guess !!
What I have for you guys today =)
Something cute, nice and delicious ! =P
I stored it in the fridge aka Gucci's property. =D

Hahaha I told you!
It's his property!

So I said : Excuse me Mr Gucci, can I get something from the fridge...
He replied : Hmmmm.....


I said : Please Mr. Gucci, in exchange,
I'll get you a girlfriend
I'll get you high quality snacks
I'll bring you to Sentosa
I'll share my food with you everytime I eat
I'll get you the best spa massages in town
I'll get you a cool hair cut
I'll get you whatever you want!

He replied : Really?


Okay then, let me help you =P

So! These are my new products !!

It's a very famous brand from Korea.
It's endorsed by Hyun Joong !!!
well, basically, I don't know who he is.
Hahaha..what I know is...
see my mask !!! so cute =P

Ice Queen Crispy Green Tea Pack

A crunchy and fresh soothing pack containing 10% of Green Tea extract. Other hydrating components from Nature such as Aloe, Cucumber and Watermelon immediately calms the easily irritated skin. Its soothing and healing effect makes this pack an ideal mask to be used over sun-kissed skin. In addition, this pack is also effectively in tightening enlarged pores with a refreshing sensation.

Ice Queen Crispy Tropical Pack

A crunchy, sweet and brightening pack with tropical fruit particles. Containing 10% of M.T.F Complex (Psidum Guajava Fruit extract, Litchi Chinensis Fruit extract, Mango Fruit extract and Nephelium Lappaceum Leaf extract) which specializes in skin whitening, improves dull and dark skin caused by UV rays, creating a luminous and brighter complexion. Xylitol extracts calms the skin with a refreshing sensation.

Now, let's eat..Hahaha.. =P


After daily cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto towel-dry skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave it on for 10~15mins and rinse off with lukewarm water. For better results, refrigerate it before use.

So far, I've tried the ice queen crispy tropical pack
and OMG !! It smells awesome!
It smells like pink grapefruit.
very refreshing though
smooth after use =)

Ok la, can't blog much, I just got home from roadshow =)
Tomorrow is my last day for the roadshow yay!
S$600 is going into my pocket soon =PP

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