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04 November 2010

Style: Week '10 Goodie Bag

I am going to reveal what's inside =)


Perrier Sparkling water.
Sparkling water reminds me of Illido Italian Restaurant =P

Kiehl's Lavender shower gel !!
I love travel-size-bottled product =)
I can bring them with me whenever I go for swimming or travel *Happy*

Kill me.
Kiehl's Grapefruit hand and body Lotion !!
I love Grapefruit !!

Again travel size shower cleanser and also foot cream !
Someone asked me "why do they give us ketchup?" =_="

Dsquare 2 eyewear voucher =)

That's it =)

Am going to attend Johnnie Walker's Jet Black Party‏ tonight !!

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