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03 November 2010

Style: Week '10 Fashion Show

I was invited by Pedro to Style: Week '10
The event was held at ION, Orchard.
I predicted that 31st October which was Sunday would be crowded.
So I choosed to go down on 30th October.

I went down with ptbf and bro..
Thanks bro for the blur pic lol

We were late for the shows as I rushed down after exam.
It started at 5 and I arrived at almost 6 =_=" (as usual)

Sparkling water and alcoholic beverages were served.

Pedro's Fashion show.
I think I've missed quite a number of show sigh!
But I'll definitely go down to their store and check it out.
I love Pedro's heels =)
click here for the previous Pedro's heels I bought.
I am still wearing it.
Comfy, Longlasting and High heels! =P

See that heels below? MAD LOVE !!
I am going to try that in stores !

Dsquare 2 Eyewear =)

Cool huh?
I asked ptbf " Are all the models bra-less?"
He said "ya"
See !!! He knew! =P

Now, River Island !!! *scream*
Omg !!! There were number of dresses that I fell in love with !!
They walked too fast. Can't really get the pictures of them.
Or it's me that's slow =_="

It started to rain, heavily lol

They need to walk on slippery stage with heels omg !!

The shows ended at about nearly 7
and these were the goodies bags!!

stay tune if you want to know what's inside =P

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