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17 November 2010

A Special Harry Potter Promotional Display

Went to Bugis for shopping with Bro last week....
Hahaha messy hair...
the wind was very big that day.

Camwhore while waiting for bus =)

Passes by Iluma...
Someone went CRAZY!!! when he saw this Harry Potter Escalator ads.

So, there's A Special Harry Potter Promotional Display thingy going on.

Enormous poster + some displays behind the glass...

And also a gallery beside it.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
is officially showing tomorrow !!

What's? inside the gallery?
Some posters...
HP 1 - 7

Taken with his samsung camera..
Never know that his camera has a s0-fun feature in it.

Me in my oversize jean-washed colour shirt and
a $12 vintage bag I bought from my campus! =P

Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

The Harry Potter Maniac !

I've booked the ticket for four since last week.
At that time, the screening for 18 November was almost sold out !!
That's why I quickly grab it !

Guess what? after couple of days,
All cinemas came out with an ADVANCE showing..!!
17 November are now available for booking !! wth !!!
Not fair. I though I've got a good deal.
But out of expectation they come out with a better deal huh.

Then later on,
I found out that Shaw cinema offer Harry Potter Hampers deal!

And FilmGarde offer Harry Potter Iphone sticker and notebook !!

Lesson for the day.
Earlier may not be Better- Irene

These are the recent magazines he collected so far..
Btw, he just can't wait.
He's on the way to catch the movie with his friend now...

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