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28 November 2010

Skyline movie Preview Review

Last Friday night
I went to catch "Skyline movie preview screening" at Plaza Singapura.
I was late ! as I got caught in traffic jam at Orchard Road!
Btw Orchard road Xmas decoration is sooooo niceeee this year!!!
*back to the point*
Luckily he arrived earlier haha! So, after pledging pledging and pledging
He finally agreed to collect the ticket for me.


Me : I am stuck in traffic jam.
I would be VERY LATE. Can you kindly collect the ticket for me 1st?
Just told them you are Irene Octoviani Tan (NRIC no. bla bla bla) partner.
And I'd be late..

Him : Wait for you. We collect together...ok?

Me : Ok then we don't need to watch the movie liao.

*ring ring ring*
He called and was speaking with angry tone
"what do you actually want !! where to collect !!which counter....bla bla bla.."

Hahaha He was angry.
But at the end he still collected the tickets! =P
He was with D. Thank you so much D for helping.

And yah thanks ptbf for collecting and securing the seats =P
This is really rare! haha you know why,
he always resist things that he think it's shameful !
such as queuing and collecting "FREE" things...
(which is my favorite!) Hahaha
*especially in the public place
He felt like a beggar
*omg I am SO SO SO offended and I don't care!*

So I was late for about 15mins?
I didn't manage to arrive on time lol
And I missed the first part of the movie.

These are the freebies HE collected.
HAHAHA can you imagine!
For him, collect free movie ticket is already a very shameful thing.
And now, he have to carry this big poster and walk around
while waiting for me.. HAHAHA..
*laugh too much* ehem...excuse me..!
(I don't know why I am so happy seeing him doing these things lol)

Ok ok I should stop laughing =P

I heard the movie "skyline" has already been released in
other country since months or weeks ago..
But it will only release in Singapore this 02 December 2010 !

It was an exciting movie!

The film tells about the arrival of aliens on earth. They hunt human with its blue light,catch and bring them to the spacecraft. And then, all humans will be turned into another Alien.

The alien spaceship is very strong, there is a scene that nuclear missiles have been launched to attack the spacecraft and it falls. However, surprising and dissapointedly the spacecraft recovered and returned to its original form.

Hero and Heroin in the film were caught and taken to an alien spacecraft to be processed into alien. And then....(my favorite scene and I love how it ends)

Well, I can't tell you much about the movie because you gotta watch it yourself!
I think there will be "Skyline 2" in the future.

To me, It's a worth to watch movie. Nice picture and natural animation.
I am curious and is looking forward for "Skyline 2" =)

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