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16 November 2010

Skin79 - Diamond Series

TADAAA !!! My new make up range !


They're famous with their BB CREAM.
I am quite sure you girls out there knew about this.

Click here for my previous skin79 product
omg I just realized that it was back in MAY !!
At that time, BB cream was not powerful enough for me.
as my face was full of acne, blemishes and scars.
And now, I LOVE BB Cream so much huahuahua...

simply light, easy to remove, with spf 25++ protection,

smells pleasant, moisturizing and LOVELY!

I love it and still using it (it has been 6 months since may!)
It's finishing soon and so, I decided to buy their other products,
which are;

1. Absolute total BB cream - Diamond collection
2. Luminous Pearl Beblesh balm - Diamond Collection
3. UV perfect BB pact - Diamond Collection

So, after cleansing and toner-ing,
I applied this Absolute total BB cream I love this.
Compare to the previous BB cream I bought
(pink fat bottle)

The screen protection is higher

Spf 25 PAA++ VS Spf 37 PAA+++

texture, smells and effect are similar though

Then after BB cream base,
I used this Luminous Pearl Beblesh balm.

I applied it on my lower eye (to cover my dark circles)
and then highlighted my nose
I love the design of the packaging
I love the brush too, very soft. However, I wish the brush is smaller
So that, it'd easier to apply on under eyes and nose.
Besides, It's a bit oily.
In conclusion, TheBodyShop concealer is better.
Shock? that's me with my nude face =P

My eyelid looks single, actually they have married hahaha..
I mean I actually have double eyelid. Ok ignore me.

After that, I used this UV perfect BB pact.
I'll always use powder form of foundation or loose powder for the finishing.
I don't like my face to look shiny =)

Again, gorgeous packaging. But the sponge wasn't good.

Nothing special about this product
other than SPF 30 PA+++ content.

And so, I decided to stick to TheBodyShop foundation powder =)

Now, for blusher, I used TheBodyShop Rose Flower Blush.
I am sorry but that was limited edition.
I don't think you can still find the product in stores =P

Now, for eyeliner, silkygirl is my favorite.
It's easy to apply, stays longer and easy to remove.
And I don't need to sharpen it. Just twist and use!

Eyebrow wise, I used Maybelline.
I have been using it for 6 years?

For eyeliner and eyebrow pencils,
I always choose BROWN colour =)

Now, a before and after picture !
Hahahaa stop laughing!
I know I looks weird and funny with my eyes one big and one small lol

Now, the eye shadow.
Honestly, I almost never use eyeshadow
I bought this The Body Shop - Eye Shadow shimmer cube last year?

I think this is limited edition too.
I learned and tried to use it on that day.

Don't laugh at me if I looks like panda =P

These are the choices of colours.

I applied the pearl colour as the base,
followed by darker blue (no.4) as liner
and blue (no.1) as the shadow
then green-ish after blue

HAHAHAHAHA ok ignore my eyes lol
Now, mascara, as always
Maybelline Volum express turbo boost mascara.

I've been using black colour mascara in my whole life.
and this is exception. Brown. Hahaha
I didn't see the colour properly before buying.

It's nice though =P

See? The Magic of Mascara!
btw, my eye shadow not bad whadd..

with VS without
That's my own lashes okay =P Now, my new lashes =)
It's only $5.90!! Muahahaha *Happy*
from Gmarket

This is me. With half face make up on lol Done! hahaha no difference? lol fml Can't really see it from the picture fake lashes~ I hope this post useful for you! stay tune! =)

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