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06 November 2010

Porseta - Batam

Attended Porseta's party last month?
at Bengkong Hotel- Batam

My plump face
Make up of that day
Went to support daddy !
Don't play play! My dad owned a sword! haha..
(I should borrow this for Halloween lol)
I was so shy !! Dad forgot to bring this.
So I have to carry this and enter the hotel lol

There were groups from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta, Bengkalis, etc..
Dad's opening speech

Material Art-Video

There were many kind of shows performed by diff group of people.

Chinese dance,

and Indian dance !

And DAD'S Tai Chi show lol..
*Highlight of the night* =P
My dad is the one who stands in the center !!!

Duh ! I was late ! Haha..
I didn't really manage to capture their last pose!

Community members

Food !! aw...!!

With mum and mum's friends..
We were sitting at a table for 10 and it was only 4 of us huahua...
Btw this picture was taken by media lol
I hope they didn't publish it haaha...

Dessert !!


Leave comment like "your dad is so young/handsome/suave.."
my dad will love you muahaha....


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