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26 November 2010

muahaha new passport holder !

It was from him! I was randomly asking "Ey..see..Is this nice?"
He said "Just buy..! *calling the staff* excuse me I want this"
and I stunned =_="
Happy inside, not happy outside.
He always think that he's good to me, which I don't think so..
Any suggestion to solve this problem? lol


  1. nice...
    Maybe ask him to listen to your thoughts first before rushing to make a decision. lol

  2. Ure so lucky to have boyfriend like that! huhu..

    maybe u shud talk to him bout listening to ur choice.

  3. He won't listen. He always think that he's VERY good to me. He showered me with good stuff.. (Of course) I am happy BUT !! I prefer him to love me more by caring me than showering me with branded =( It's getting bored huhu..


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