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08 November 2010

Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party

Attended Johnnie Walker's Jet Black Party on last Thursday !

I was amazingly too early, I guess lol.
When I am supposed to be punctual, I am late.
When I am supposed to be not-so-early, I am punctual =_=".

The event was held at "The White Rabbit".
Never knew that such beautiful place exist in Singapore.
click here to check it out

Went down with ptbf.

1st thing we did was to register.
Btw, I spent 10 USD on taxi. lol
We didn't bring $$ with us. The taxi driver do not accept visa /nets.
We suggested the taxiuncle to drive us to ATM nearby. He refused.
All of the cash I have in my wallet were all non SGD.
No choice but to pay him in USD lol

JW tags...

Giant poster upon entrance.

Photo Photo !!
I hate him. Stand so near with sexy babes!

Source: Johnnie Walker

The Brazilian babes!

VIP area

I want those cushions !!!!
So classic!


Soda and Mineral Water
and of course " Black Label" by JW

We were discussing that,
I'd be fun if we could bring 4-5 friends along!
Party + Free Flow Black Label ler!!
But too bad, it wasn't easy to get the tickets.

Honestly, we got bored half way haha...
I can't take alcohol and was busy! as I went around and took photos.
He was eating and drinking *almost* alone

"Never drink and drive. Keep walking!"

The white rabbit was transformed to *something like a pub.
where it's actually a restaurant.

The crowd.

and now...
The finger food !!!
So nice right !!!


Niceeeeee !! I want more!
OMG see that?
Prawn !! My favorite..Can I have it all? Haha one is not enough =P

Salmon something..I forgot. =P
Nice though..

Johnnie Sour

or Samba Flame ?

Duh! I really wish that I can take alcohol ! hmph!

Chocolate mousse man!!!
Hahaha I had two ! =X

There were some highlight going on...

The Samba Dance?

or is that Brazil Tropical Dance Show?

Ok lah whatever! Hahaha.
We went to somewhere else after this.
The party gets HOTTER after we left.

We left early as someone said he was hungry !
stay tune!

Ehya these were the printed photos we got from the event =)
I want more PARTY !!!

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