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09 November 2010

Izakaya - Tomo !

So after Johnnie Walker's Jet Black Party, we went to mam mam.
Randomly, we decided to go to Clark Quay and
Initially we planned to have Indonesian Cuisine
But, after walking around, we changed our mind.
We went to this Japanese Restaurant instead.

Tomo was located near to the bridge.
For exact location kindly google =P
I guess you guys know Clark Quay better than me la ha.
haha la ha.. =P

This is me, was flipping through the menu.
Haha this was candid.
Then I realized " face look small this angle"

And so, I asked him to take more pictures of me.. (He regretted)
Hahaha anyway!
Unfortunately, the feeling was not there anymore =P

so fake lol

Their mocktail's menu.
Yah I know the name "Tokyo Alexander" sounds more exciting
But too bad that was in Cocktail Menu.

My Shirly Temple and His Grape Juice
I love my drink and it reminds me of TAS =)
I miss TAS.

Their menu in both Japanese and English.

We were sitting on the floor.

Fake floor I mean hahaha..
There were holes for us to stuck our leg in haha..
(haha sounds wrong lol)

Fyi, I can't sit on the floor.
I just can't. My leg will get numb after less than a minute.
I am serious. I guess it's because I am too fat so when I sit on the floor,
my fat get stuck together so my blood can't go through and I get numb.
Omg I hope you understand what I am talking about lol Haha..

was dining with Japanese Hahahaha...

His salmon something.
He love it though...

He ordered another salmon dish.
And again, salmon sushi. I don't know what's wrong with him lol.

The ambiance was comfortable and great.
It was homey!

Where's the Live band?
No live band minus 20% from the bill haha.

This was my dish !
*Soft Shell Crab Tempura*
He hi-jack-ed two from me.
(Hahaha I just learned that words. not sure if it can be used for this sentence =P)
Hahaha it was NICE anyway!! he love it too.

Yakimono !! my favorite Japanese food!

Picture of us ! Hehe!

Da bao some food for his bro.

*_* pricey but overall worth it !
The cuisine was very authentic.
Miso very miso, sushi very sushi, salmon very salmon.
Hahahaha sorry I am a bit high today.

Have a great day !

Watashi Irene-san. Dousoyoroshiku. Genki desu ka. Suwatte kudasai.

Tete mo. Omoshiroi.
Oyasuminasai. Watashi wa nemasu. yasumu.
Anata wa watashi no nihongo ga wakarimasuka?

Itazura ga suki

Honestly, I don't know what I am talking about.
Hahaha anyway!
Lastly, Yamete (learned from Reuben, Joe and Mag)
Bye Hahahaha...

Let's laugh and stay young! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

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