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23 November 2010

The Icing Room

I was craving for dessert that day!
So we walked to The Icing Room at 313, Somerset !

I love the way they decorate their shop.

Their furniture..

Their cute cupcakes !

Love cupcakes
Baby cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

A maltese cake ! OMG ! haha so !

looks like gucci? =P

So these were the cakes we ordered..

Chocolate cake for bro

Black forest cake for him

Tea Dance for his bro

Casis Jewel for me!

and also my chamomile tea !
love the tea mug max!!! duh!

Everything was nice and great except the service!
All the girls were pretty, dressed in nice, cute uniform but attitude?
Seriously BAD =_="
not tally with the product that they're selling.
Desserts are supposed to make people happy. huh!

I'd be perfect if the staff smiles or even greet or maybe just ask a simple
"do you need any help?"
I ordered twice and in both situation, I have to shout for the staff.
The staffs were all standing at a corner, chatting =_="

Whatever !
I don't want to spoil my mood that day so I didn't do anything to them =P
Normally, I will make them busy by either keep asking for something
e.g: get me some tissue please.. spoon please..fork please...
or maybe ask this Qz
"can you tell me all the ingredients inside this cake?"
(learned from TAS)
I know I am bad.. who cares! Haha =P

That's it ! I hope this post will sweeten your boring day =)


  1. is that white cake an owl?? so pretty!!

  2. Ju Ann, the white cake looks like a dog for me. What makes you think it's an owl? *peace* :)

  3. Hehe yeap..nice deco and yeaps it's a maltese cake =)

  4. A really nice place but why is it that you have a great place and the service sucks. I mean what can these people be thinking of!

    Serious mood killer.

  5. ow....those cupcakes are so it so much...
    dunno where to get it

  6. Last week I went to Jurong Point and met one salesgirl with bad attitude too..ish

  7. Teehee~ Love cute cupcakes!! Thought wana have a visit to there but since u complaint the service.. hmm, i gotta reconsider it 1st. LOL!! XD

  8. Aww the cupcakes are so lovable! (:

  9. hehe ya lo so nice right =) but yah might want to think twice because service was bad. But who knows when you go, staff treats you differently =)


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