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02 November 2010

Hollywood Wave with Liese !

Basically, I received some products from thesamplestore again.
*Thank you so much !! I am delighted*

And so, today I am going to do a review on the products
and also share a hairstyle tutorial !

Btw, this is my new model that I just hired.
Hahaha I pay him for this photoshoot okay! Haha =P

I received two Liese products !!
Btw, the correct way to pronounce Liese is "Lee-zay"

(come, let's read these and practice! haha..)
+ Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist
+ Liese Wave up Foam 02

Gucci: "Mommy It smells nice, Is this berry juice? can I drink? lol"

So, before I start,
I want to share about the lashes that I put on... =)
I know, it's a bit too-dramatic.

This is how I looked like with the lashes on...
Crazily long right !

And fierce hahaha...whatever!

Ok now, let's cut the crap... =P
and start the tutorial !

First step is to spray your damp hair with
Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist.

I love this product to the max !!!!
Besides the fact that the packaging is PINK,
It also gives my hair boost of nourishing raspberry moisture.
It makes hair smoother, softer and easier to manage.
Mad-love the refreshing berry scent !!

Guess what? It's only S$ 14.90 !!!

Made In Japan okay =P

Next step is to puff your hair up !
by grabbing some hair, spin and secure.

FYI, to create the puff, I always use this spiral shaped pin.
I bought this online. Originally from Japan ^^v

I love the pin because it can really secure my puffy hair.
Better than usual Bobbi pin.

How to use?
Tuck the pin inward, as in to the front.

so after puff-ing up your hair,

Divide your hair into three sections
and secure it with rubber band (dark colour).
You can tie it to the side or to the back just like normal pony tail.

Now, you have the longest pony tail ever ! Hahaha...
See that!! my pony tail shouldn't be that long man!

Do my hair looks like extension hair? =P

Now, curl you hair.
I think you guys girls out there can do it better than me..! =) bunches of long curly hair....
(btw, see the reflection of the lashes on my face? haha...
I think fake long lashes can replace sun glasses already lor..)

to maintain and puff you curly hair even more,
use this Liese Wave-up Foam
In this case, to create elegant wave, use '02' !

It's selling at $12.90

Omg Omg Omg !!!

You have to buy this..!!!!

Because it smells soooo sweeeet !!!
It doesn't smells like traditional hair foam
(You know the smell right?)

Wave up foam is specially created for permed hair.
Has a wave up ingredient to revive drooping curls to bouncy waves!
You just simply have to BUY THIS !!

(I guess my sis will sms me and ask me to buy one for her
as soon as she read this
Hahaha btw fyi mum just bought a NEW hair curler for her...)

Apply it on your hair messy-ly
and gently loosen the curls with your fingers
then style it upwards to maintain the curl.

There you go!
Gorgeous Hollywood puffy curl !

I love it!

Don't worry that your rubber band will expose.
With you messy curly hair, people will hardly notice !

Long and curl ! Love it?

That's it thank you for reading.
I hope that the tutorial is useful for you.
All Liese Products can be found in
Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and hypermarkets

Buy in a set !
Choose a treatment product and a styling product for your hair !!!
(click to enlarge)

Visit their Facebook now !!/LieseSG

Gucci: Hmph..Mommy, why do you put this thing on my head AGAIN?
I thought Halloween has ended? =_="
*mommy go and find another head band*

Gucci: =_=" ok this is better than the previous one...'s party time!!where's my snack mommy?


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