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21 November 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Last Thursday, we went to Vivo City to catch
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows(Part 1)

The shows started at 3.45 and
we arrived at about 4.10? as usual...
We missed the first part of the movie lol
The theater's door has even closed when we arrived
and no one was standing there.
So, we opened the door and went in our self haha..

Well, I am not a big fans of Harry Potter but my bro is!
He has watched the movie before that.
It was his second shows on that day.
He gave us a review of what has happened in HP 1-6 and
what will happen in HP7 in the taxi when we were on the way there.

Then he finished with this sentence
"Ok! I've tell you'all about it, don't ask me any questions in the theater"
Hahaha *that serious* lol

My impression of the movie is not really about the story..
but the humorous part. HAHAHAHA...
This picture below is one of my favorite scene lol

And I never knew that Dobby is so cuteeeeeee.... and kind =)
I almost cried when he got injured.

Honestly, I think that, HP 1 is the most successful movie.
I watched HP 2-7 too.
But I didn't remember anything about the movie.

Haha what I remember are only the exciting journey of Harry Potter
when he first joined wizard school, meet friends, learned spells and etc..

HP1 makes me WOW WOW WOW
HP7 makes me HMPH....OK..THEN...

well yeah that's from a non-harry-potter-fans point of view lol
However, it's quite sad that the movie has finally comes to an end.
I mean almost end (looking forward for part 2)

They have grown up !
and it reminds me that I am older now! lol

Emma watson is getting prettier and popular
Notice that? Isn't her Burberry's heel looks familiar? =P

To my surprise, she shortened her hair.'s cool but I still prefer the sweet and long hair her.

My bro bought this wizard combo:
- 1 Drink
- 1 Popcorn
- 1 gift (wands)

For only $11

Not really from the movie though
as there's no Harry Potter word written on the packaging
I guess it's their in-house gift.

So, Have you watched HP 7?


  1. no, I haven't watch!!! Wanna watch too >.<!!!

  2. no, I haven't watch!!! Wanna watch too >.<!!!

  3. i like the part when everyone turn into HP.. hahahaa.. darn funny when HP wears bra and sounds like girl..

  4. hahaha yes I like that part too.. hey y square yes you should watch it =)


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