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19 November 2010

Guide to Tiramisu

My first encounter with Tiramisu was 2 years ago.
It was during my culinary class in Polytechnic.
Chef Fan was the instructor.
She said "You need patience to make dessert and I don't have."
Hahaha she's cute
Mr Alan Tan was there too.
He explained the reason behind every steps Chef Fan did.

Tiramisu is a famous Italian dessert.
and the ingredients are not cheap >_<"
I got all my ingredients from Phoon Huat Singapore
(they have many outlets island wide kindly google)
and for Batam, I think you can get the ingredients
from Gelael Batam Center
I saw them selling lady finger before.

4 Egg yolk
2 tbsp Sugar
500g Mascarpone cheese
250ml Cream, whipped 250ml
Strong espresso (or instant coffee)
3 tbsp Kahlua (coffee liqueur recommended but not necessary)
20-30 Lady fingers

You'll need these tools:

1 Large bowl (for cream)
2 Small bowl (for coffee & egg)
1 Whisk
1 Spatula (blue one)
1 Mold/Dish (in this case I used DIY aluminium paper)
Gloves for hygiene purpose

So the first step is to do the zabaglione

Whisk 4 egg yolk with sugar

In this case, I think I put too much sugar hahaha =P
Because I used instant coffee (sweet) for the lady finger.
So sweet+ sweet = too sweet lol

Whisk it from watery to creamy, pale and thick.

Then keep the egg yolk in the fridge.

Now for the Tiramisu Cream
Whipped the 250ml cream in another bowl.

Again, from watery...

to creamy form of cream...
You really need patience on this!
Whip the cream until thick - just past the soft peak stage.

Then, add in the 500g mascarpone cheese..
and mix them together.

This is short-cut step.
Actually you need to beat the mascarpone
before mix it with the cream =P

After that,
Add in the zabaglione (egg yolk) in.
Don't whisk but fold them.
As in slowly mix them with spatula.
Mr Tan said, so it will not destroy the bubble of the egg yolk.

Tadaaaa... I am done with my tiramisu cream =)

Store them in the fridge.

Last step will be the dipping mixture.
Prepare the Hot water + Instant coffee
mix them together then add in Kahlua.
Wait for it to cool down before dipping the lady fingers in.

Tips : Prepare the coffee at the very first step.
So by the time, your coffee is cool already.

Ladyfingers, Cat Tongue Cookies(Turkish: Kedidili)

are light and sweet sponge cakes roughly shaped like a large finger.They are called savoiardi in Italian (meaning "from Savoy"), or in French biscuits à la cuillère or boudoirs. In the UK they may be called sponge-fingers, trifle sponges or boudoir biscuits. In Dutch, they are called lange vingers, literally translating to "long fingers".

Ladyfingers are a principal ingredient in many French dessert recipes. Today, their more common usage is in trifles, charlottes, and tiramisu. They are typically soaked in a sugar syrup or liqueur, such as coffee for the tiramisu dessert.

Source : Wikipedia

Before preparing the lady finger,
I put a layer of cream at the very bottom of the dish.

Gucci: Ups...Mommy what are you doing?

Me : I just adjust the direction of the lady finger..
No..I didn't use my hand..Hahahaha =P

Then, after the coffee has cooled down,
dip lady finger into it.
5 seconds? don't make it too wet.

Arrange it nicely...

Add second layer of cream on it...

and again repeat the step
arrange dipped lady finger nicely..

Lastly, cover it with another layer of cream.
Store it in the fridge and
wait for at least 5 hours

TADA ! this is my tiramisu after 5 hours in the fridge.
The reasons I used DIY aluminium paper were because,
I don't want to spend money on dish/mold
+ Its easier to remove as I want to make a cake-shaped tiramisu =)
But, be careful as it's very weak.

Stay tune for the decoration part =)

I spent total of about $90 (including all the decoration material) lol.


  1. awesome!! looks yums I love tiramisu!

  2. I made tiramisu before too. But oreo cheesecake is much easier. :P


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