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24 November 2010

Eucerin Dermopurifyer Scrub, Cleanser and Creme Gel

And so! I received another products from thesamplestore =)

I love thesamplestore so much!!
Their services is awesome!
They always offer very good deal.
e.g : Xmas promo $200 products selling at $50 !!!
Products are selling at mad-low-price!
and and and...
I am so glad that I get to try out the products
(by redeem samples from them)
before buying the full-size product.
They are so kind omg!
*happy wink!*

Recently, my skin are smooth and acne free.
That's what I am satisfied with.
As long as I am acne free I am satisfied !!! =P

Ok maybe I should start to worry about wrinkles and etc.
I am older now =P

Anyway! Today I am going to review 3 Eucerin Products. Namely;
1 Eucerin Dermopurifyer Scrub
1 Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser
1 Eucerin Dermopurifyer Crème Gel

Let's start with Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cleanser!
This is how the liquid looks like.
It was watery as you can see it almost drop down from my hand (10secs)

Anyway, this is not the point.
I've tried using it for a week, surprisingly,
it works well on my sensitive skin.
It'll not give you tight-feel after wash.
Very refreshing though.

Wet area to be washed with warm water.
Apply to hands and work into a lather.
Gently massage face and other affected areas.
Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye contact.
Use regularly morning and evening followed by Eucerin Clarifying Facial Tonic.

I'll rate it : 3/5

And now...Eucerin Dermopurifyer Scrub..
Well, previously, I've ever shared about the cleanser I was using.
It was recommended by my doctor.
Honestly, it was good as it made my skin dry and so it decreased my acne.
However, after using for about 4 month? my face is now VERY DRY lol

And guess what?
This scrub deeply cleanses and refines pores, without over-drying !!!
So, it's gentle enough for every day use.
I am going to buy this again!
( I love to scrub my face, but not all scrub can be used daily)
Compares to all scrubs that I've ever used
It gives me even fresher feels and it can really cleans!
I love the micro-beads inside the scrub! =)
(not only the green one you know...
there's a lot more small beads on the white gel I hope you can see it.)

Wet area to be washed with warm water.
Apply to hands and work into a lather.
Gently massage face and other affected areas, avoiding eye area.
Rinse thoroughly. Use regularly morning or evening
followed by Eucerin Clarifying Facial Tonic.

I'll rate it

Lastly, Eucerin Dermopurifyer Crème Gel
This crème gel significantly reduces blemishes and prevents the formation of new ones, while providing oil-free moisturisation.

Unfortunately, I don't have acne recently. Haha. =P
And so, I asked my friend to try it out for me.
She said, the cream absorbed very fast!
So that, when you sleep,
you do not need to worry that the cream will stain your pillow.
Because, by that time, the cream has already been absorbed by your skin !
(of course don't apply too thick).
She did mentioned that it moisturized her skin without giving oily feels too
Moisturize & kill acne without drying! why not?

She rated it 3/5

That's it for my review
Have a good skin day girls! =)

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  1. wow.. really can redeem the sample ah???

  2. same here can redeem sample? XD


    to redeem your sample
    What you need to do is just to register an account and redeem.

    If you only redeem Eucerin sample, delivery is free. If you redeem additional items, there will be delivery charge of $1.99 to $2.99.

    Redeem as much as you can. You can create multiple account for your mother, sister, friends and redeem it for them as well =)

  4. envy your skin! so fair and the matte feel.

  5. I've redeemed mine! thanks! =)


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