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23 November 2010

Branded for less than $30?

Aw New Agnes B bag !! =)

It comes with a handy hooks
I love this hooks so much !
I was looking for hooks. and since it's branded and it's cheap
why not? cute Heart shape and passionately red !

It can hold up to 6 kg

Do you love it?

I got this from a Japanese magazine called Steady - December Issue !
it was only $17.50 !
Quickly grab yours now !!!

Recently I keep my eyes on all the Japanese magazines !
Because you can get branded item for less than $30 !!!
why not why not? tell me WHY NOT???

Pictures source

These are all the highlights !

YSL BAG omg!! *scream*

YSL magazine that comes with YSL tote bag !!! $29.60 only !!

Milk Magazine + free Juicy couture calender and Iphone strap
for just $10 !! mad mad mad !!
I am going to get this ! I hope it's not sold out yet !! =(

Cosmopolitan magazine that comes with ANNA SUI pouch !!

Gisele Magazine comes with COACH organizer!!! $24 only !!
I am going to get this too !!

Fred Perry magazine + bag !! $28.70 !!

It's a steal !

Elle magazine + Anna sui hooks!! $19.30 OMG !!

Style magazine + Anna sui pouch for $19 !!!

There are a lot more out there !!!

I can't wait ! I am going down to KINOKUNIYA tomorrow!!
I'll be posting and sharing more about japanese magazine and their gift!
Stay tune ! =)


  1. WOW! Really a steal. So many bags with mags..hehehe


Thanks for your lovely comment!