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27 November 2010

AOBA - Hokkaido Ramen

Had dinner at Vivo city last week.
We tried this Japanese- Hokkaido ramen - AOBA restaurant. Awww...look at the crabbbb =) Menu Selection of ramens ambiance My citrus drink love it ! Their Shoyu Tontoro ramen Bro's negi don Tantan gyoza! My spicy miso ramen ! I love it !! Overall, the ramen were nice !!!
We all love the noodle, the soup and all the ingredients inside.
However, based on bro's opinion, his negi don was so-so only.
The gyoza was nice too !
It costed us $76.27 ! worth it ! I'll definitely go back there again =)


  1. woah i am so hungry now looking at this post. Nice, i am going to try it out :)

  2. you should try. Their ramen is good!


Thanks for your lovely comment!