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27 October 2010

World’s Coolest Intern!

So, I just heard about this news !

Standard Chartered Bank is introducing

The World's Coolest Internship Program!!

I did my internship last year when I was still with my Polytechnic.
It was really a very pleasant experience.
Because, I got the chance to go on board
"The Legend of The Seas" for 7 nights!

I went to Malaysia for roadshow,
dinner at Fullerton (2-3 times),
Hard Rock Cafe, L'Entrepot and many more !!

Not only that, desserts were served almost everyday! Haha..
Too much nice colleagues! they always share snacks and desserts..

Almost everyday ! I am serious!
Most importantly, 4 awesome intern buddies !! =)

I thought, I was the coolest Intern ever!
(Haha how proud and arrogant I am)

But I really really thought that I was the luckiest Intern-ever !!
Because, not everyone was as lucky as me!
Some of my friends suffered during their internship !

But guess what? I am NOT the coolest intern YET !!
Because, only Standard Chartered Bank have
'The World's Coolest Intern'


The World’s Coolest Intern’
will work with the Breeze team, based in Singapore for six months
to help run their social media platforms, including

  • Update and maintain the Breeze blog, including posting relevant articles and responding to posts/comments
  • Update and maintain the Twitter account
  • Update and maintain the Youtube account
  • Update and maintain the Flickr account
  • Organize/launch social media marketing/outreach activities such as bloggers’ meet, tweet-ups, etc.

You didn't hear it wrongly!

Blog, You tube, Flicker, Twitter and Facebook-ing during Internship !!!

Facebook-ing during work?
Which is so ME !!
I'll try my best to use my every single minutes and find chances
to go online and open Facebook account !
E.g: During roadshow at Expo,
I will find the internet kiosk during lunch time =P
When I went to places like Best Denki or Courts or Apple Store,
I can't resist it but to go online with all the laptop displayed!
I just can't wait until I am home.
I have to check my Facebook when I am 'on the way' home! =P

Guess how much are they paying for the Internship Program?
The winner will be on a contract for six months
and take home a prize money of S$5000 per month,

or S$30,000 over 6 months.

OMG !! The coolest-intern salary EVER !! hahaha...
Guess how much did I get for my Internship last year?
S$500/month haha! It reminds me something...
Recently, during the roadshow with my ex-internship company,
I met current/ newest batch of Interns.
They were complaining about the pay! Hahaha...
They said, they have calculated. For S$500/month, it equals to $3.00/hour.
Which means, it is lower than McDonald's pay !
Hahaha one of them said "We're even cheaper than Mcd staff lor.."

In addition to
the attractive pay,
the winner will also receive training on
social media and online engagement
from some of the best in the business, including
Qais Consulting – on Strategic Social Media Activation;
Edelman – on PR;
JamiQ – on Social Media Analytics,
Christophe Langlois from
Visible Banking
- on Social Media specific to Finance/Banking.
and Pat Law (
Goodstuph) – on social influence marketing.

How to get the job? I mean how to win the job?
The ideal contestant would be a current Marketing/IT student
or recent graduate looking for practical training and experience in the social media field.

He/she needs to be:

  • A social connector and strong communicator in English
  • Passionate about technology
  • Experienced in various social media channels
a student that is going to take Consumer Behavior exam tomorrow...
UPS ! =x

I love to go online to find out the latest happening
and explore all the things !
No one taught me how to use Facebook,
No one taught me how to use Photoshop
No one taught me how to Blog
No one taught me how to put video online
No one taught me how to do business online
No one taught me how decorate my blog page with all the HTML code

through all the information online !!
See! how powerful Internet is!
I can learn so many things for FREE.


I Really hope that I can get the job.
My parent always ask me to apply job in a Bank.
But how?
I mean, I only got a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Business
and Currently pursuing Bachelor in Business (Marketing)
None of my qualification related to banking!
I mean, to get a marketing-related job in a Bank is not easy too.

How I hope there's a qualification such as

Professional in Facebook-ing, Tweet-ing & Blogging !



Thanks for your lovely comment!