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01 October 2010

Refresh !!!

It has been a year !! Hohoho..
It's Rene-Memory-List one year+ one month Anniversary !!
(Btw forgive me for the lateness).

I've been blogging since 2003/4 I forgot..
But this is my blog first year anniversary in

Thank you everyone for reading !
You're a nice person. I know you love me Hahaha...
Because you don't mind !
Even though I actually blog with my broken English.

My reader is increasing (I am really happy)
I have about 200++ reader / day omg yay yay yay!!!
of course it's not a lot compared to blogger queen.
But I am happy enough to have that amount of reader =)

Hellow !! Yes YOU! The one outside the commpie.
The one who's reading this now.
I might not know you.
(I wish I can hug you now haha lol)

Please leave a comment so I know your existence =)

I love October. I guess you know why. =P
A lot of things happened recently.

I changed my phone number.
I moved to a brand new house.
I changed my hair colour.
I have two new housemates.
I bought a lot of new shirts
I bought a lot of new make up
I bought a lot of new dresses
I have a new blog skin !!!!
Ehemp! I designed it by myself okay!

Hahaha I know there are still some problems.
I am still learning so again, forgive me =P

How do you find my blogskin?
Please comment =)

Have a great great day out there reader =)


  1. hey!! this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up. keep it up.


Thanks for your lovely comment!