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01 October 2010

New Bubble Hair Colour - Liese Platinum Beige Review

So I dyed my hair two days ago!
It was like FINALLY !!
Thanks Nuffnang, Esther and Liese !

These were all the things inside the box =)
Yes I choosed to try their new colour
**Platinum Beige**

Always read the instruction before doing it...
Don't act smart =P

Remember to wear something that you don't mind staining..
or cover your shirt with something...

(you can use plastic bag or newspaper..
just make a hole and wear it..)

I'll suggest you to do it in an OPEN AIR area..

This is my hair before dying...

Mix solution one and two...
Don't shake !!!
but turn it upside down SLOWLY =)

Here you go...
Wear your glove and get ready!

Squeeze the center of the bottle...!!

Actually it'd be better
if the bottle stand straight when you squeeze it..
If you do it like me below...
The bubble will come out watery..
which is WRONG !!
if you apply the watery solution
it might drop and gets into your eyes!

(learn from mistake..
don't act smart Irene !! haha...)

Simply apply the bubble to
EVERY PART of your hair evenly..

Cover Hair with bubble bubble and Bubble !!!
It was FUN and EASY !! =)

Got extra?
Share it with your friend...
Especially friend that can't move
because he/she is playing online match

After about 30 mins....
wash away the bubble
shampoo + conditioned it !

Dry your hair and
Tada !!!!
Hahaha Nice colour?

Put on Hair Lotion...

Blink Blink...
My New Hair wohooo !!!
in less than 1 hour !!!

My hair turned out to be a lil bit red...
But so far it's acceptable and I'm lovin' it !!
Let's compare !

Pardon me both pictures were taken in the morning..
Just woke up..Messy Hair...
Me in pyjamas haha Melody VS Hello Kitty lol

(the colour is not very obvious in this picture)
will take more pictures and show you guys...
stay tune!

This His Hair Colour...

We have same hair colour now...

Extra Tips : After from shower,
you might want to spray on Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail
Personally love it very much !!!!
Nice bottle, nice smell and nice to your hair. =P

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